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Beakerliner Ø 67x21mm, PTFE, for beaker 250/400ml

Item No. 9197585

Magnetic Stirring Beakerliner, PTFE

PTFE-encapsulated magnetic core (Alnico 5) axially mounted in a guide cage made of PTFE, universal chemical resistance. No shear action on the bottom of the beaker, smooth running in glass beakers also on an uneven bottom. The cage acts like a baffel and thus provides optimum mixing results.
Beaker capacity 250, 400 ml
Ext. diam. 67 mm
Height 21 mm
Length 50.0 mm
Diam. 8.0 mm

Diameter 67 mm
Length [mm] 50 mm
Manufactor Bohlender
UNSPSC Code 41122401 Omrørermagneter
PK 1