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Bottle-top filter,SFCA membr,50mm,150ml,45GL,0,45µ

Item No. 9045954

Bottle-top filters, SFCA membrane, Nalgene®

Tissue culture filters for screw fitting onto bottles with 33mm or 45mm neck diameters. With surfactant-free, cellulose acetate membrane (SFCA) and polystyrene (PS) housing. Gamma-irradiated sterile. Pyrogen free. Non cytotoxic. Low-pressure filtration can be carried out directly into a suitable sterile bottle. Caution: Only use sterile bottles authorised for use in low pressure applications. Always wear protective equipment for low pressure procedures. The membrane is characterised by its low protein binding, good throughput rates and minimal clogging with negligible protein loss. Permanent, moulded graduations. Quick-disconnection tubing adaptor with cellulosic vent plug for tubing with an internal diameter of 6mm to 9mm. Lot number, catalogue number, membrane type, pore size and expiration date are printed on filter units, bottle tops and receivers for easy identification and lot traceability.
Capacity 150 ml
Neck thread 45 GL
Pore size 0.45 µm
Membrane dia. 50 mm

Volume[ml] 150 ml
Diameter 50 mm
Manufactor Nalgene
UNSPSC Code 41104914 Flasketoppe eller filtreringskopper
PK 1