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Clips for conical joint sleeve connections

Clipox® NS Clips

For conical joints, can also be used to secure flasks with ground joints & glass stoppers

- increases the safety of glass vessels; the symmetric, slim and aligned design solves various application problems of common clips and clamps (can be used with retort clamps)
- secure horizontal and vertical connection with security in the event of pressure overload
- two-sided handles enable easy mounting and removal
- spring steel wire provides long working life and firm grip
- will not break or age because of outstanding thermal, chemical and acid resistance, due to stainless steel AISI 316 Ti, Cr-Ni-Mo 17-12-2
- reduced abrasion due to polished surface of material
- made in Germany, with production certified according to ISO9001.
Joint size 34 NS

Manufactor Clipox Germany
UNSPSC Code 41121815 Adaptere, konnektorer eller fittings til laboratoriebrug
PK 5