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Elektr.Finnpipette Novus 1 channel, 10-100 µl,

Item No. 6228701

Finnpipette Novus Single Channel with variable volume

The Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus, a pipette that combines simplicity, comfort and functionality in an exceptionally intuitive ergonomic design. Built on the results of recent independent ergonomics studies and customer feedback, the new Finnpipette Novus gives you the power to reach the highest level of pipetting performance.
- Easy to use simple text guided user interface and operator button layout.
- Large display shows all the names of the functions without abbreviations.
- Ergonomic and lightweight design with balanced weight distribution enables longer work periods without fatigue.
- Finger rest is adjustable by 120 degrees to find the optimal pipetting position for both left hand and right hand users.
- Adjustable finger rest leaves your index finger free to control pipetting with minimum effort using the trigger action pipetting button.
- Light-touch tip ejector minimizes strain on your thumb with the very low tip ejection force and can be used with both right and left-hand.
- Novus has 10 different pipetting functions to cover most pipetting applications in the laboratory.
- 9 different speeds which can be separately adjusted for dispensing and aspirating, to optimize pipetting with different reagents.
- 9 built-in memory slots to store your own combination of the 10 different pipetting functions.
- Intuitive menu ensures easy access to pipetting functions for all laboratory pipetting applications.
- Light, long lasting battery allowing over 4000 pipetting actions.
- Fast recharge battery, fully recharged within 1 hour and the pipet is fully operational while recharging.
- Novus designed for easy in-lab calibration and service.
- The tip cone is fully autoclavable.
- Color coded buttons and color coded ring help identify the matching Finntip model.
Capacity 10-100 µl
Step size 0.100 µl
Colour yellow
For Finntip Tips 250 Univ., 200 Ext.

Volumen [µl] 10-100 µl
Manufactor Finnpipette
UNSPSC Code 41121504 Manuelle enkeltkanalpipetter med luftdisplacement
PK 1