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Filter paper, Filter paper, gr ade 40, Whatman, Di

Item No. 9056403
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Quantitative filter paper, grade 40

These filter papers are made from refined pulp and linters with over 95% alpha-cellulose content. They have a smooth surface, are guaranteed to be free of any residual acids and have an extremely low ash content (≤ 0.01%, nominally ashless).

They are particularly suitable for use in routine quantitative methods, for analytical and gravimetric applications, with Büchner funnels and in pressure or vacuum filtration procedures.
They are available in a variety of formats, such as rolls, sheets, circles, and folded filters.
Circles. Quantitative. Ashless.
Flow rate:
Wet strength:
Ash: Medium
Dia. 110.0 mm

Manufactor GE Healthcare
UNSPSC Code 41104929 Filterpapir til laboratoriebrug
PK 100
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