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Qualitative filter paper, Grade 604½, folded filters

The qualitative filter papers are made of refined pulp and linters with more than 95% alpha-cellulose content. The ash content of these filter papers is approx. <0.1%. They are essentially used for qualitative analyses.

Two categories of qualitative filter papers are offered: standard strength and with increased wet strength especially suitable for vacuum filtration or pressure filtration. They are available in different formats -rolls, sheets, discs, and folded filters.
Fast, 12 to 25µm
- time saving, because folded filters have a larger surface area
- filter faster than comparable circular filters
- for coarse precipitates (e.g. hydroxide and sulphide)
- Weight: 80g/m²
- Thickness: 0.19mm
Dia. 185 mm

Diameter 185 mm
Thickness 0,19 mm
Manufactor Schleicher & Schuell
UNSPSC Code 41104929 Filterpapir til laboratoriebrug
PK 100
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