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Filtering apparatus DURAN®

The DURAN® filtering apparatus is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Aside from glass, the medium only comes into chemical contact with PTFE. This means that the filtering apparatus can be used to filter virtually any chemical.Thanks to the PTFE disc holder, fritted glass discs of different porosities can be used in addition to the slit-sieve disc.This creates a wide application scope for filtration using filter paper, membrane filters (47mm) or simply using glass filters. Different porosities are available between 10μm and 160μm, which makes it possible to perform coarse and fine filtration in addition to analytical filtration. Furthermore, the filtering apparatus is suitable for the filtration of HPLC media, testing for bacterial contamination, residue analysis and the filtration of other media.A Slit and a glass filter plate porosity 2 are included in the set.


  • Removable filter discs ensure easy cleaning
  • Slit-sieve disc for mounting filter paper / membrane filter
  • Only glass and PTFE come into contact with the medium
  • Funnel with scale
  • Secure plastic hose connection
  • Tried-and-tested DURAN® filtering flask
  • All components are available as spare parts
Manufactor DURAN
UNSPSC Code 41104925 Laboratorie, filtreringshardware eller tilbehør
PK 1