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Iso-Versinic Tubing, Int. dia. 4 mm, Ext. diam. 6

Item No. 9205703

Iso-Versinic Tubing

Synthetic fluoroelastomer.
Chemically resistant to hydrocarbons (aromatic and aliphatic), oils, strong acids, oxidizing agents and chlorous solvents. Excellent resistance to abrasion and flexing. Good ozone and radiation protection. Impermeable to gas and steam. Shore hardness see table below. Density 1.9. Temperature range -20 to +200 °C (up to +300°C for short periods). Elongation at tear >250%. Suitable for transporting corrosive liquids.
Supplied per metre.
Int. dia. 4 mm
Ext. diam. 6 mm
Wall thickness 1.0 mm
Shore 60

Manufactor Verneret
UNSPSC Code 41105108 Slanger til almindelige laboratorieformål
PK 1