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Julabo F1000 recirculation cooler 0 - 40°C, 1000 W

Item No. 4968306

F1000 Compact Recirculating Cooler


- Environmentally friendly operation with low energy consumption

- No side vents, instruments can be placed right next to other equipment

- All wetted parts made of stainless steel or high grade plastic

- Large, bright LED display

- Compact design and small foot print

- Splash-proof keypad

- Drain tap

- Easy filling


Due to its high efficiency the F250 is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional tap water cooling.


Type EcoChiller F1000

Temp. range 0 to +40 °C

Temp. stability ±0,5 °C

Cooling capacity kW at  20°C/1000W - 10°C/700W - 5°C/650W - 0°C/350W

Pressure 1,0 bar

Flow rate 23 L / min

Temperature [°C] 0 - 40 °C
Temp. stability ±0,5 °C
Heating capacity - W
Cooling capacity @20°C 1000 Watt
Pump capacity 1,0 bar
Pump capacity 23 L/min.
Dimension (bxdxh) 375x490x640 mm
Weight 45 kg
Manufactor Julabo
UNSPSC Code 41103007 Kølecirkulatorer
PK 1