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Open bath circulator for internal and external temperature tasks directly in the bath. Working temperature ranges:

- with stainless steel bath tank: up to 100°C (without suffix)

- with Plexiglas bath tank up to 60°C (Suffix 'A')

- with Makrolon bath tank up to 100°C (Suffix 'M')


TopTech MB series

- Multi-Display (LED) for actual and set-point values, warning/safety functions and pump status  

- PID2 temperature control with drift compensation

- ATC3 3-Point-Calibration

- Early warning system for low liquid level

- RS232 interface

- Adjustable high temperature cut-out / dry-running protection (protection class 1 for non-flamable liquids, DIN 12876-1)


TopTech MA series - as TopTech MB, but additionally with

- PPC (Pump Pressure Control), electronically adjustable pump capacity

- Adjustable high temperature cut-out / dry-running protection (protection class 3 for flamable liquids, DIN 12876-1)


TopTech ME series - as TopTech MA, but with additional:

- VFD Comfort Display, resolution 0.01°C

- Pt100 external sensor connection



Type TopTech ME-26

Temp. range 20 to 200 °C

Temp. stability 0.01 ± °C

Pump cap. 11-16 / 0.23-0.45 L/min / bar

Temperature [°C] 20 - 200 °C
Temp. stability ±0,01 °C
Volumen [L] 26 L
Heating capacity 2000 W
Pump capacity 11-16 L/min.
Pump capacity 0,23-0,45 bar
Dimension (bxdxh) 220x200x300 mm
Type Julabo ME
Manufactor Julabo
UNSPSC Code 41103701 Cirkulationsbade
PK 1
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