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Heating bath HB 1500 / HB 1500-S

The heating bath HB 1500 is developed for varied tasks. As bath filling water, oils and sand is used. Different sizes are deliverable! The device has an integrated temperature controller with microprocessor. It is freely programmable and has also self optimization function and rampfunction!
- Microprocessor controller with 4-digits 7-segment display, 10 mm high, green,
- With selfoptimization and rampfunction
- Measurement and control range +20,0 to +250,0°C
- On-Off switch is light up green
- Setting of heat power from 1 to 99%
- Irreversible rapid shut-down when reaching the security temperature

Heating bath HB 1500-S
Equipment such as HB 1500, also with safety on separate microprocessor controller and an internal temperature sensor. Exceeding the safety temperature, the heating is switched off completely. The over-temperature shutdown >10K + reference deleted.
Type HB 1500
Internal dimensions (Ø x H) 240 x 150 mm
External dimensions (W x D x H) 360 x 290 x 275 mm
Capacity 4 L
Power 2000 W
Weight 6.5 kg

Manufactor Juchheim
UNSPSC Code 41103703 Multiple bade
PK 1
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