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LLG- Replicator stamp

The replicator stamp enables the transfer of bacterial or yeast colonies from one culture medium plate to another. To duplicate the colony plates, fix one of the sterile tissues on the stamp with the aluminium ring.
Then press the top side of the colony plate gently onto the stamp.
Use a new plate to produce the duplication.
The replicator stamp is made of plastic (POM). Height: 72mm, Ø: 81mm.
It is suitable for max. 100mm Ø petri dishes. Aluminium ring : Ø: 83mm
Disinfection of the replicator stamp including aluminium ring can be made with ethanol.
The tissues (15 x 15cm) are made of cotton / polyester and can be autoclaved.
Description LLG-Autoclavable tissues

Manufactor LLG Labware
UNSPSC Code 41113036 Mikroplader
PK 1
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