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LLG-Melting point apparatus

Ideal for determination of the melting point of powders and substances that do not have a clear transparent melting point.

Both models have the following properties:
- Digital temperature control
- Sample can be monitored through a magnifying glass with integrated light
- For capillaries with 1.4mm outer diameter
- Automatic fan cooling that activates to cool off the device after completion of the measurement
- Text display of error messages
- Keyboard covered with foil for easy cleaning
- With operating instructions in German and English; brief instructions right at the device
- With integrated printer for saving space (only HV2)

H2 for visual, semi-automatic measurement with magnifying glass, without printer:
In this model, the melting point is determined visually and then saved by pushing the ''Save'' key. The starting temperature (approx. 3°C below the expected melting point) is set. A signal sounds when this temperature is reached. The sample is introduced and observed at a heating rate of 1°C/min. after the ''start'' key is pushed again. When the melting point is determined, the value can be stored by pushing the memory button and read on the display until the device is switched off or a new measurement is performed.

HV2 for visual measurement with magnifying glass or automatic measurement, with printer:
Either fully automatic or visual measurements, 1 sample each.
With this version, you can specify whether you want to observe the melting process through the magnifying glass or have the melting point determined automatically after the pre-set starting temperature is reached (indicated by sound signal). The device starts the heating rate of 1°C/min after introduction of the capillaries into the corresponding opening for automatic measurements. If you chose automatic measurement, a transparency progression is printed from the time the substance starts to become transparent (melting process) to absolute transparency (light-permeability). For visual measurement, only the melting point determined by you will be printed.

The scope of delivery contains 100 melting point determination capillaries and a device protection hood. Refill pack melting point tubes for LLG-Melting point apparatus please order Cat. No. 9.208 131.
Measuring range: 25.0°C to 360.0°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: &plusminus;0.5°C (+25°C to +200°C)
&plusminus;0.5% of measured value °C (rem. measuring range)
Heating rate at fast heating: to 200°C, approx. 4 min
to 350°C, approx. 8 min
Heating rate when measuring: 1°C/min
Magnifying glass: 10x
Lighting: 2 x LED
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Dimensions capillaries: 230mm x 220mm x 315mm
1.4mm x 80mm
Weight: 4.5kg
Power supply: 115-230V, 50Hz
Type MPM-HV2
Description Visual or automatical measuring with printer

Manufactor LLG Labware
UNSPSC Code 41112203 Smeltepunktsapparater
PK 1
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