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Membrane filters TE 38, PTFE, VE=50, 5µm, Ø90mm

Item No. 9058625

Membrane filters, Grade TE, PTFE with support

-Ideal venting filter for all applications
-For aggressive media and cryogenic liquids
-Separation of free water from organic solutions
-Outstanding as gas/liquid barrier
-Filtration of air and (hot) gases

-Chemically inert to aqueous and organic solutions as well as concentrated acids and bases
-Hydrophobic - for aqueous filtration the pressure must be higher than the water breakthrough pressure
-Can be used up to 145°C
-Can be sterilised by all methods except gamma radiation

Type TE 38
Diam.: 90 mm
Pore size: 5.00 µm

Manufactor Schleicher & Schuell
UNSPSC Code 41104921 Laboratorie, membranfilter
PK 25