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Multitron standard, single, Ø25mm, cooling/base

Item No. 4950148

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The Multitron can be adapted to changing needs to provide the optimal solution regarding capacity and incubator operation  

  •  The tray is unlocked automatically after stopping and can then be moved onto the open door by pulling forwards and thereby offers free access to the cultures. So, one does not have to work in the incubation chamber. This process is aided by roller bearing on the door for easy sliding of the tray in and out. Rapid removal of flasks is possible also without pulling the table out. High-grade steel ball bearings facilitates easy moving of the table. The tray is secured by five points of attachment for a smooth, reliable shaking action.
  •  Rapid removal of flasks is possible also without pulling the table out  
  •  In contrast to chest type free-standing machines, the top surface can be used as a working area or even for locating light laboratory instruments
  •  Precise temperature control; option to use a mobile temperature sensor for measurement directly in liquid
  •  The Multitron offers the largest shaking capacity of its class: The type M table (85 x 47 cm) has room for e.g. 87 x 100 mL or 6 x 5000 mL Erlenmeyer flasks
  •  The highest table simply rests on the opened door with a user-friendly working height of 1,30 m . Individual flasks can be handled comfortably. With heavily loaded tables, this is far less troublesome for the user than a free-standing system. Also, with the lower unit, the open door serves as a shelf and so safeguards the backs of the users.
  •  The design gives the greatest possible consideration to floor loading, installation and usability (e.g. for a 3-stack unit. The height is under 2 meters and it weighs less than 450 kg).
  •  Also, stacked models all use the same drive construction, which guarantees accurate and vibration-free running despite the high forces involved


Safety features:


  Shaking speed over-range cut out

 Adjustable over-temp setting

 Self -monitoring with error messages

 All electrical components segregated from the incubation chamber and possible spills

 Auto-stop of shaking on door-opening

 Door interlock to restrict access until the shaking tray stops

 Auto-restart in the event of power failure

 Indication of power failure

 Slow start to ensure gentle build up of shaker speed

 Alarm output contactors provided as standard for remote monitoring

 Option of remote monitoring of key values

 Designed for working heights in stacked systems to minimise bending or stretching of the user

 Downwards-opening door allows handling of heavy trays without lifting

Technical Details Multitron Standard

Motion: orbital  

Shaking speed: 20 up to 400 rpm

Throw: 25 mm  

Accuracy: 1% at max. revolutions  

Temperature range: -15 °C below RT up to 65 °C

Precision: ± 0,2 °C (Pt-100 probe)  

Air circulation: 360 m3/h  

Heating capacity: 700 W

Cooling capacity: 900 W

Interface: RS-232, bi-directional  

Power supply: 115/230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz



Width: 1070 mm

Depth: 860 mm

Height: 790 mm

Weight: 155 kg

Model Multitron Standard
Temperature [°C] Rumtemp.-15 til 60 °C
Speed 30 - 400 rpm
Shaking diameter Ø25 mm
Ext. dimensions (wxdxh) 1070 x 860 x 790 mm
Topplate 850 x 470 mm
Manufactor Infors
UNSPSC Code 41104405 Rysteinkubatorer
PK 1