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Neptune BT10E filtertip, S3, sterile, Epp., 10 µl

Item No. 4032982

Neptune's (Biotix) filter tips with HDPE filter barrier. The tips are Low Retention S3 (Samle Saving Surface). S3 pipettes tips have been developped and designed to increase the acuracy by eliminating practically all residues of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, DNA etc. which normally binds to the surface of the tip. Neptune S3 pipette tips supplies volumes with an acuracy within 0,1% of the stated volume against 0,7% for most standard polymer pipette tips.

The tips can be used with all know pipette brands. Neptune's products are certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Exdotoxin-free. All are labelled with lot number.

Manufactor Neptune
UNSPSC Code 41121601 Filterspids, pipettespidser
PK 960