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Ismatec Reglo Digital Miniflex - versatile peristaltic pumps for accurate low-flow fluid delivery -
with an intuitive touch-screen interface.


We will pay you DKK 5.000 for your old freezer. Save energy and money.

This only applies when you buy a new -86°C PHCbi freezer.


Whether there are pH strips or advanced measuring equipment, we can certainly be helpful. Suppliers can include WTW, Eutech, SI analytic and Mettler Toledo.


RSO rheometer from Brookfield.

Quick Test functionality allows for testing within minutes.

Cone/Plate & Plate/Plate and Coaxial Cylinder DIN Geometry options


Entris® II — Best Value in its Class for Basic Weighing Tasks.
Offering a range of 40 models (the largest portfolio in its class), starting from 0g up to 8.200g and a readability from 0.1mg to 1g.


Rheometer DVNext, from Brookfield; all-in-one instrument for viscosimetry and yield stress measuring.

Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP.

See the full list of new features.


Smart microscope for digital documentation including digital camera. True Color is a new technology from Zeiss. The camera reproduces the image in detail and in true-to-life colors.


Complete solutions for monitoring temperature and humidity, documentation and alarming, from JRI. We offer installation, service and calibration.


Over the years one of our biggest customers has been the public sector and our company is among the 1% largest suppliers to this sector.


Meet us at DiaLabXpo (stand 3022) - the new meeting point for the diagnostics and laboratory industry - which will be held for the first time on September 24th - 26th, 2019 at the Lokomotiv Workshop in Copenhagen.


With the extensive selection of accessories for Cubis®II it is possible for you to fully adapt your application and ensure faster and more efficient work procedures and improve your protocols, the reliability and the precision.


The Minifors 2 benchtop fermentor is now also available for cell cultures and has been developed based on the strengths characterized by the same system as microorganisms!


Hei-VAP Core is the new generation of rotary evaporators – easy operation, extremely sturdy, first class unit, which simplifies your everyday work.

Thanks to the high sealing tightness of the vacuum system a shorter process time is obtained and energy is saved.


We offer blast freezers with a very powerful cooling system for fast and uniform freezing of your samples.

This could be the freezing of 20 x 1000 ml from a temperature of +20°C to a core temperature of -70°C in a time period of only 60 min.


The new g-lock system from Sigma enables a rotor change entirely without the use of tools. When the rotor has been mounted in the centrifuge, it is locked by centrifugal force – in this way accidents can be avoided!


On Wednesday April 17th 2019 Intertek carried out their annual audit with Buch & Holm on our 3 standards, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

The last-mentioned is the newest standard and replaces DS/OHSAS 18001:2008 incl. regulation 1191:2013.


INFORS HT has introduced a new, optimised version of Multitron shaking incubator for even better cell culture conditions.

A new chapter in an ongoing success story: More than 20 years after Multitron was first launched, INFORS HT now presents their fourth generation, re-designed shaking incubator - a new and even better solution for ideal cell culture conditions that offers an unsurpassed capacity, a minimal footprint and easy operation.

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