• Vaccine storage11/22/2020

    Denmark is now ready to receive the upcoming vaccine that requires -70°C.

    Buch & Holm has been given the honor and opportunity to guarantee that the new vaccine is stored in high quality freezers from PHCbi.

  • Vacuum 0,005 mbar, 100% oil-free from Vacuubrand11/10/2020

    Vacuubrand introduces a new vacuum pump according to the screw pump principle. The pump is 100% oil-free, chemically resistant - without wearing parts.

  • B2B E-commerce Awards 2020 "UX Award"10/20/2020

    Our website won the Sana B2B E-commerce Award for the best User Experience (UX), among all Sana customers. The competition was held by Sana Commerce; our website platform provider.

  • KBF-S Climate Chambers8/14/2020

    The BINDER KBF-S is a custom-made solution for long-term testing and accelerated stability testing for pharmaceutical products in accordance with the ICH Q1A guideline.

    The corrosion-free and condensation-free interior also ensures exceptionally stable temperature and moisture levels, even when fully loaded.

  • Laboratory balances Entris II Advanced8/13/2020

    Entris® II Advanced – when traceability, safety and quality goes hand in hand.

  • Condenser Reflux7/7/2020

    From now on, condensation can be done without water with Heidolph's Reflux package Hei-Tec Findenser ™. High performance capacitor which replaces the need for water cooling in over 95% of all reflux reactions.

  • Exchange your old viscometer6/10/2020

    Buch & Holm offers, until 31.12.2020, to give 13.550,- for your old Viscometer.

    This only applies when you buy a new viscometer, DV1M or DV2T, from Brookfield.


    We will pay you DKK 5.000 for your old freezer. Save energy and money.

    This only applies when you buy a new -86°C PHCbi freezer.

  • pH basis1/21/2020

    Whether there are pH strips or advanced measuring equipment, we can certainly be helpful.

    Suppliers can include WTW, Eutech, SI analytic and Mettler Toledo.

  • Oscillatory Rheometer RSO12/16/2019

    RSO rheometer from Brookfield.

    Quick Test functionality allows for testing within minutes.

    Cone/Plate & Plate/Plate and Coaxial Cylinder DIN Geometry options

  • Laboratory balances Sartorius Entris II11/21/2019

    Entris® II til basale vejeopgaver - bedst i sin klasse. Vælg mellem 40 modeller – det største udvalg i denne klasse. Vægtene går fra 0g og op til 8,200g og har en læsbarhed fra 0,1mg til 1g.

  • Rheometer DVNext11/5/2019

    Rheometer DVNext, from Brookfield; all-in-one instrument for viscosimetry and yield stress measuring.

    Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP.

    See the full list of new features.

  • Monitoring systems for temperature and humidity10/17/2019

    Complete solutions for monitoring temperature and humidity, documentation and alarming, from JRI.

    We offer installation, service and calibration.

  • Elite supplier for public sector9/4/2019

    Over the years one of our biggest customers has been the public sector and our company is among the 1% largest suppliers to this sector.

  • DiaLabXpo 2019 9/3/2019

    Meet us at DiaLabXpo (stand 3022) - the new meeting point for the diagnostics and laboratory industry - which will be held for the first time on September 24th - 26th, 2019 at the Lokomotiv Workshop in Copenhagen.

  • Balances with an intelligent design – Cubis II5/22/2019

    With the extensive selection of accessories for Cubis®II it is possible for you to fully adapt your application and ensure faster and more efficient work procedures and improve your protocols, the reliability and the precision.

  • Bioreactor – Minifors 2 for cell culture5/21/2019

    The Minifors 2 benchtop fermentor is now also available for cell cultures and has been developed based on the strengths characterized by the same system as microorganisms!

  • Rotary evaporation-fully automatic5/15/2019

    Hei-VAP Core is the new generation of rotary evaporators – easy operation, extremely sturdy, first class unit, which simplifies your everyday work.

    Thanks to the high sealing tightness of the vacuum system a shorter process time is obtained and energy is saved.

  • News - Blast freezer -70°C/60 min.5/13/2019

    We offer blast freezers with a very powerful cooling system for fast and uniform freezing of your samples.

    This could be the freezing of 20 x 1000 ml from a temperature of +20°C to a core temperature of -70°C in a time period of only 60 min.

  • ISO audited and approved4/25/2019

    On Wednesday April 17th 2019 Intertek carried out their annual audit with Buch & Holm on our 3 standards, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

    The last-mentioned is the newest standard and replaces DS/OHSAS 18001:2008 incl. regulation 1191:2013.

  • Shaking incubator-new and unsurpassed4/25/2019

    INFORS HT has introduced a new, optimised version of Multitron shaking incubator for even better cell culture conditions.

    A new chapter in an ongoing success story: More than 20 years after Multitron was first launched, INFORS HT now presents their fourth generation, re-designed shaking incubator - a new and even better solution for ideal cell culture conditions that offers an unsurpassed capacity, a minimal footprint and easy operation.

  • Medical Cannabis4/2/2019

    On January 1st 2018 the four-year pilot program with medicinal cannabis was introduced in Denmark.

    As a result, the Danish Medicines Agency is granting authorizations to produce cannabis intermediate products in accordance with section 9(1) of the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Program.