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Pipette boxes, Varicon, Type V aricon RK , Variabl

Item No. 9010801

Variable pipette boxes, Varicon

Comprising two, sliding aluminium sections which can be gently pressed together in a telescopic fashion to fit the length of the pipettes to be sterilized. This means that only one container size for 280 to 420 mm long standard pipettes (type RS) and one for 145 to 235 mm long short or pasteur pipettes (type RK) are required. 2mm thick silicone rubber pad prevents damage to pipettes when loading and transporting. SILICON silicone rubber pad - please order separately.
Type Varicon RK
Variable length 145 to 235 mm
Int. dia. 60 mm

Manufactor ISOLAB
UNSPSC Code 41122801 Stativer eller holdere til pipetter
PK 1