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Cell culture, consumables

Cell culture, consumables

At Buch & Holm we offer a vast range of consumables for cell cultivation no matter if you are cultivating tissue- / adherent cells or cells in suspension. We even offer the PrimeSurface series of Ultra-low attachment (ULA) plates from PHCbi, that are ideal for 3D culturing of spheroids.

Working with adherent cells? Check out our assortment of high-end consumables from TPP. TPP offers cell cultivation flasks, petri dishes, plates and tubes for mammalian cell cultivation, all with the same surface treatment, for ease of use.

Working with cells or microbes in suspension, Check out our selection of shake flasks from THOMSON incl. special transfer caps, for ease of use in upstream processes or our Bioreactors from TPP.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on cell cultivation.

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