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Buch & Holm is your premier destination for top-quality colour measurement, colorimetry instruments and accessories. Whether you're conducting research in a laboratory setting or overseeing quality control within industrial production environments, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your colour measurement requirements.
Explore our range of state-of-the-art spectrophotometric colorimeters for quantitative measurements in colour space, or the colour comparators and precision colour wheels, meticulously engineered for precise comparison to established colour scales. Additionally, our selection includes a variety of essential accessories such as Nesslerisers, cuvettes, and reference standards, essential for comprehensive colorimetric analyses.

As an authorized distributor of Lovibond Tintometer, we provide access to superior colour measurement technology and over a century of experience. Lovibond's global reputation for quality and innovation, spanning more than 130 countries, ensures confidence in our offerings. Customers can depend on accurate measurements, user-friendly interfaces, and certified precision across all colorimetry applications.
Experience the precision, reliability, and excellence of Lovibond Tintometer colorimetry instruments and accessories with Buch & Holm. Explore our selection today to enhance your colour measurement capabilities to the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency.

Kristoffer Laugesen
Product Manager
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