Our heating ovens are typically used for tasks such as drying, heating, aging, sterilization, hardening, storage or burn-in testing. We have standard heating ovens with volume 32 – 1060 liters, temperatures up to 300°C. All models are available either with natural or forced air circulation and equipped according to the task.

We also offer more specialized heating ovens, from heat and drying furnaces, explosion-proof furnaces, sterilizers, cleanroom ovens and vacuum chambers, to name a few examples. Sizes from 200 liters to walk-in with temperatures up to 750°C with different heat sources such as microwaves, infrared or standard heaters.

In addition, user-specific, custom-made systems tailored to customer needs are also available. These can be furnaces with conveyor systems or infrared or fully automated drying systems.

We are also able to help with documentation and preparation of IQ/OQ/PQ as well as mapping.

Bo Deckers Skibild
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 33