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On the Minitron the door tilts downwards to provide a practical area for the removable tray. This allows comfortable access to the tray contents - even to items at the back - without complete removal of the tray. Set points and timer functions, such as day/night cycling and temperature profiles, are programmed using the responsive operating panel. Simple operation and virtually silent running guarantee a pleasant working environment in the laboratory. Due to the knee-high position of the operating panel on the bottom deck of a stacked system, parameters can be set up with the minimum of effort and bending. By pulling the tray onto the horizontally opered door, flasks can be effortlessly reached without having to „duck and dive“.

Despite its relatively modest space requirement the Minitron is ideal for virtually any application. It provides – on top of the room for the shaking mechanism for a tray of 475 x 420 mm – enough space for the addition of cooling, illumination and CO2-gassing options. The possibility of stacking one unit of top of another is a big advantage – and naturally they can be separated into separate machines again.

Modern micro-processor technology and PID-control ensure exact maintenance of the required operating conditions.

The bottom of the chamber is easy to clean and can even be rinsed with water. Additional protection for the culture is provided by an overheating cut-off switch and a potential-free alarm output from the interface. It is given that the unit will re-start

Removable shelf for Minitron.

Model Minitron
Manufactor Infors
UNSPSC Code 41104424 Inkubatorer, tilbehør
PK 1