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Measuring equipment


In the area of measurement techniques we have a very large program and we are supplier for laboratories, quality control, industry and process engineering.

We have instruments for measuring temperature, conductivity, pH, ion, humidity, refractive index, oxygen, air velocity, sound, redox, flowability, turbidity, texture, viscosimetry and more.

Our service department also offers traceable temperature calibration on measuring equipment, where we can calibrate from -85 °C to + 140 °C. We can calibrate freezers, heaters and ovens from -150 °C to + 600 °C and offer 10-point measurement for products in the temperature range -150 °C to + 140 °C.

You can view our catalog with a selected content of instruments for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox and Turbidity.

Hans-Henrik Ulm
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 22