Service concept
Proper service and maintenance are a precondition for a flawless operation, which is our ultimate aim. Our service concept is put together in a way that provides value for the customer.The result is a complete service package, which makes it easier for our customers.

At Buch & Holm we have our own authorised cooling department and we offer installation, repair and service of cooling installations for laboratories – irrespective of the size of the filling. We offer authorised cooling services of any make within low temperature freezers, refrigerated baths, climate chambers, freeze dryers etc. with temperatures down to -150°C.

During service we always use certified, traceable equipment so that all measurements are traceable. Our technicians are being trained regularly by the manufacturers. We have special tools and access to original spare parts. Certificates of training may be obtained upon request.Through time we have gained considerable experience and we provide cooling service at a very high level.

Installation and qualification
We carry out installation and preparation of IQ, OQ and PQ. Further, we offer traceable 10-point temperature mapping and calibrations with certified equipment.

Maintenance required by law
If your cooling installation has a filling of more than 1 kg, a maintenance checking carried out by a specialized technician is obligatory at least once a year. In case the filling is of more than 2.5 kg, the checking must be carried out by a certified technician from an ISO 9001 certified cooling company.

Buch & Holm is ISO certified and we continually work to improve the quality of and our impact on both the environment and the working environment. We have:
ISO 9001:2015. This certification covers customer service, sales, support and service of equipment for laboratories and the industry together with expert services for installation, repair and servicing of cooling installations with more than 2.5 kg coolant, irrespective of the kind of coolant.

ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 cover our impact on the external environment and work environment. In our consultancy these matters are always considered so that we can find the proper solution for both us and our customers.

We also offer a 24-hour insurance agreement where we secure your samples ultimately. In case of breakdown we will deliver a cooled freezer within 8 hours. We deliver all over Denmark. The concept is transparent and there will be no unexpected extra costs.

If you have any questions concerning our services, please do not hesitate to contact Anders Lillesø at telephone +45 44 54 00 00 or by email at