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Silica adsorbents for low pressure column chromatography

standard silica 60, pore size ~ 60 Å; pore volume ~ 0.75 ml/g; spec. surface BET ~ 500 m²/g. highly porous, amorphous silicic acid in the form of hard, opalescent particles, prepared by precipitation of water glass with sulphuric acid.
For higher demands on the performance of column packings we recommend our high-purity irregular Polygoprep silicas. Silica FIA for the fluorescence indicator adsorption procedure for the determination of hydrocarbon groups in the testing of liquid fuels in accordance with DIN 51791 and ASTM D 1319-58T
The FIA method determines saturated hydrocarbons, olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons of a sample chromatographically by adsorption and desorption in a column filled with FIA silica, in the presence of a fluorescent dye mixture.
Description Silica 60, 0.1 - 0.2 mm
Particle size 70 - 130 mesh mesh/mm
Weight 1 kg

Manufactor Macherey-Nagel
UNSPSC Code 41104926 Silica bed filter
PK 1