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Syringe filters, disposable, Spartan® range

Versatile use - ready-to-use filter units with a hydrophilic,
low protein-binding membrane made of regenerated cellulose.
First class chemical resistance against the usual aqueous
and organic HPLC solvents
- Spartan® 13 and 30 are tested and certified for UV adsorbance
substances at wavelengths of 210nm and 254nm with water, methanol and acetonitrile;
- Spartan® 13 has an extremely low hold up volume; <10µl, for optimal filtration
Ideal for HPLC sample preparation to achieve reproducible results. Carefully controlled manufacture guarantees lowest traces of UV- absorbing, extractable components.
Type 13 RC
Dia. 13 mm
Pore size 0.20 µm
Connection in / out LLF/Mini-Tip

Manufactor Schleicher & Schuell
UNSPSC Code 41104922 Sprøjtefilter
PK 100
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