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What is a ”Cookie”?
A web cookie (or just “cookie”) is a small piece of information sent from a website to a user’s computer, when the user is browsing that website. The next time a user visits the same website, the cookie(s) remember the user’s preferences. Cookies do not contain personal information about the visitor of the website.

Some of the purposes of cookies are:
a) authentication (login/logout)
b) stateful information (previous user’s interactions, such as adding items in the shopping basket)
c) activity (clicking on buttons/links)
d) statistics (number and duration of page views, date and time, etc.)
e) form fields (information previously added by the user, such as address, username, password, etc.)

The most common types of cookies are:
1) Session cookies: They expire after the user leaves the website.
2) Permanent (persistent) cookies: They expire after a specific date/length of time; the duration differs from one cookie to another.
3) First-party cookies: Cookies created by the same website the visitor is currently visiting.
4) Third-party cookies: Cookies that are embedded by another website or advertiser (as opposed to first-party cookies that are embedded by the current website).

You can read more about cookies on WikiPedia

Which cookies do we use?
We use cookies so that we can adapt to your needs and create a good user experience for you.
We use the following cookies: _ga: Used for statistical purposes.
_gcl_au: Used to measure Google Ads clicks.
_gid: Used to measure user behavior (clicks, pages visited, etc.) and website improvement.
_dc_gtm_UA- #: Used to control other cookies.
LanguageId: Used to define the language of the website.

_RequestVerificationToken: Used to prevent unauthorized posting on the website.
.ASPXAUTH_SS: Used for authentication. LastViewedProducts: Used to show the visitor which products they had previously looked at.

Please keep in mind that some of our website’s services may not function properly if you don’t accept cookies.

How to delete cookies…
…in Chrome
Open Google Chrome, click the menu in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, and select More tools > Clear browsing data.

…in Firefox
Make sure you’re running the latest version of the Firefox browser, and then select the Firefox menu. From there, select Options and then Privacy & Security.

…in Safari
Open the Safari browser, and then from the Safari menu, go to Preferences > Privacy.