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Eye Wash

Buch & Holm offers a wide range of eye wash bottles and eye wash stations. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your eyes in any work situation, and therefore, we present our extensive selection of eye wash products from reputable manufacturers such as B-Safety, BartelsRieger, and Bürkle. Our mission is to deliver reliable quality products that meet the highest standards in eye protection.

Whether you work in the laboratory, industry, or any other workplace where eye flushing may be required, we provide eye wash bottles and eye wash stations designed for immediate and effective response in case of accidents. Our products are CE-marked and adhere to strict standards to ensure your safety.

We offer eye wash in a sterile solution of 0.9 % sodium chloride, ideal for flushing the eyes in chemical exposures, and a pH-neutral solution to maintain the eye's natural pH balance and minimize irritation. Our eye wash bottles and stations are easy to use, ensuring a prompt response in emergency situations.

Contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to assist you.

Theresa Løvig Mouritsen
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 62

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