Manufacturer - Infors HT

Our close cooperation with Infors HT is your guarantee of quality. Together we offer custom bioreactors for cell cultures, microorganisms, phototrophic organisms as well as solid substrates and enzymatic bioprocesses in volumes from 100 ml to 1.000 liters.

Infors HT has a product range including accessories that cover everything within the fermentation and cell cultivation area. Ranging from laboratory-scale screening and optimization in small bioreactors to large in-situ sterilizable (SIP / CIP), pilot-scale or production-scale stainless steel bioreactors, all of which can be delivered FAT-, SAT- and IQ / OQ certified.

We are an authorized service center for Infors HT and our trained technicians, offering support, maintenance and service agreements at a high level, in close collaboration with Infors HT.

Through close dialogue, we find the best and right solution for just your task and your needs.

Unfortunately, we do not have all products on our webshop so if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at tel. +45 44540000 or email