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Step into a world of technologically advanced laboratory protection with our comprehensive range of garments and personal protective equipment. Our selection includes lab coats, protective suits, board hoods, overshoesaprons, sleeves, and more – all crafted with technical precision to meet the highest standards in research, healthcare, and industry.

We offer apparel in various technical materials, ensuring maximum safety and performance. Our products are sourced from renowned manufacturers such as Uvex, Kimberly-Clark, LLG Labware, DupontBP Med & Care, synonymous with technological innovation and reliability.

Our laboratory clothing and personal protective equipment are designed to meet the most demanding work environments, combining technical expertise with optimal comfort. Whether you need sterile disposable items or reusable garments, our professional range provides tailored solutions. Invest in advanced laboratory protection and create a secure working environment with our technologically advanced products from reputable manufacturers.

Contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to assist.

Theresa Løvig Mouritsen
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 62

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