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High-temperature ovens

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High-temperature ovens

At Buch & Holm, we sell modern high-temperature ovens from Nabertherm. For more than 75 years, they have been one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-temperature furnaces. With a wide range that encompasses standard laboratory muffle furnaces with volumes from 1 litre and also offers industrial furnaces for all kinds of purposes in volumes up to many thousands of liters and temperatures up to 3000°C.

We offer tube furnaces in several lengths, angles and heating zones as well as vacuum & flowmeter connection. Hardening furnaces with robust refractory insulating bricks up to 1280°C. Solid ovens up to 650°C & 850°C with a fan that ensures optimal temperature stability in the stainless steel chamber.
Flowmeter connection when using non-flammable or inert gases.

Advanced intuitive Touch-screen controls for management of process, programs and segments. It has never been faster and smarter. Direct access to your smartphone using the free app, MyNabertherm.

All Naberthem ovens are produced in stainless steel sheets with insulation material: TRGS 905, class 1 or 2. Classified: Not carcinogenic.

In addition to high-temperature furnaces from Nabertherm, we also offer high-temperature furnaces from SNOL.

Janni B. Nielsen
Product Manager
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