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Chromatography Equipment

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Chromatography Equipment

Welcome to Buch & Holm’s selection of chromatography consumables and accessories. Our curated selection caters to the stringent demands of laboratory professionals, scientists, and industrial production.

Explore our extensive range, encompassing a diverse array of vials, including crimp neck, screw neck, and snap neck vials, alongside an assortment of caps, crimping tools, and septa, ensuring precision and reliability in chromatographic analyses.
We also present high-quality chromatography columns and silica gels. For solvent handling, see our dispenser caps, safety caps, and solvent waste management systems meticulously designed to streamline laboratory processes while keeping you safe from fumes and your samples safe from contaminants. For glass bottles to use as your solvent reservoirs, click here.
Buch & Holm also supplies syringes and needles, and specialised syringe filters designed for chromatography. If you have other needs for pre-filtration, you can find more syringe filters here.
Apart from the basic TLC and PLC equipment presented here, we have access to much more .

Contact Kristoffer Laugesen at for more information and requests, and we will make sure that the webshop evolves to fit your needs.

Kristoffer Laugesen
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 22

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