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We have worked with Memmert since the 1970s and offer advice, support and service on their entire program of heating cabinets, incubators, water baths, cooling incubators, vacuum ovens, CO2 incubators, climate chambers, stability-test chambers, etc. The cabinets are available in sizes from 32 liters up to 2140 liters and for temperatures from -42°C up to 300°C.

For all cabinets you get the option of data-logging and documentation and if you need ramps, this is also possible when you choose the twin display solution. This solution also meets the requirements of accredited laboratories.

Some of the advantages of the cabinets are high precision, easy operation, many safety features as well as natural or forced air circulation.

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Climatic Test Chamber CTC 256.

Item No.9868010
1 each

Climatic Test ChamberTTC256.

Item No.9868011
1 each

Clip for 100 ml flask.

Item No.4963930
1 each

Clip for 200 ml flask.

Item No.4963935
1 each

Clip for 300 ml flask.

Item No.4963940
1 each

Clip for 500 ml flask.

Item No.4963945
1 each

CO2 Incubator ICO105, 107 liter.

Item No.4931032
1 each

CO2 Incubator ICO150, 156 liter.

Item No.4931033
1 each

CO2 Incubator ICO240, 241 liter.

Item No.4931034
1 each

CO2 Incubator ICO50, 56 liter.

Item No.4931031
1 each