Manufacturer - Tuttnauer

Laboratory autoclaves: Tuttnauer has been producing autoclaves for more than 95 years and supplies autoclaves to more than 140 countries. We have collaborated with Tuttnauer for many years and offer their "PREMIUM" autoclaves with advanced cycles and functions that meet the needs of microbiology, biopharma, food, chemical and life sciences laboratories, etc. The autoclaves are of the highest quality and meet most standards.

The autoclaves are available from 28 liter tabletop autoclaves to large advanced 9.000 liter autoclaves. We offer advice, support and service on the entire range.

If you do not find a Tuttnauer autoclave on our website that matches your needs, or you have special requirements or wishes, please contact us at tel. +45 44 54 00 00 or by email