Buch & Holm has a huge freezer assortment. We cover the entire temperatur scale and all sizes. In our assortment you will find freezers from Gram, PHCbi (former Panasonic), Fryka-Kältetechnik, Nordic Lab and Liebherr.

We are proud of our assortment of ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) freezers -86°C and -150°C for critical storage of samples. We have many different chest freezers, upright freezers and portable freezers. All our freezers use natural refrigerants and have one of the lowest energy consumptions in the market! We have many years of experience with our products, and our freezers are thoroughly tested and very reliable.

We also deliver all types of accessories for your freezer, i.e. racks and cryoboxes, as well as wireless temperature surveillance and data logging systems.

Buch & Holm has its own authorized cool-tech service department who offers installation, repairment and service checks. Furthermore, we offer IQ, OQ and PQ validation reports and traceable 10-points temperature mapping and calibration with certified equipment.

In case you need extra safety for your samples – then order our 24H / 365 days security agreement. We guarantee a pre-cooled back-up -86°C freezer or a -150°C freezer, delivered anywhere in Denmark within 8 hours!

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Product Manager
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