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Buch & Holm has been dealing with centrifuges since 1935 and knows what it takes to provide advice, support and service for this type of equipment.

Our program covers everything from bench-top centrifuges to floor centrifuges with a capacity of up to 12 liters, vacuum centrifuges as well as high-speed, ultra and micro-ultra centrifuges at speeds up to 150,000 rpm. and 1,048,000 x g. We also have special centrifuges for e.g. filtration, robotic systems, etc. and can assist with special adapters and specially-treated rotors suitable for use in e.g. cleanroom.

We offer annual service agreements that include the statutory security review. Our service department can also assist in the preparation of IQ / OQ / PQ.

Pernille Telling Larsen
Product Manager
+45 44 54 00 11


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Item No. 2213021
2 each/set
Adapter 10 x 15 ml Falcon
Item No. 2218311
2 each/set
Adapter 4 x 50 ml Falcon
Item No. 2218310
2 each/set
Adapter for 0,2 ml tube, 8/pk
Item No. 4661624
8 each/pack
Adapter for 0,5 ml tube, 8/pk
Item No. 4661625
8 each/pack
Adapter for 1 bottle 500 ml, conical
Item No. 2214182
2 each/set
Adapter for 1 culture tube 50 ml
Item No. 2214299
2 each/set
Adapter for 15 ml Falcon tubes
Item No. 7971047
2 each/pack
Adapter for 5 ml
Item No. 2213070
2 each/set
Adapter for 5 ml tube. 2/pk
Item No. 6225439
2 each/pack
Adapter for 7 ml tube. 2/pk
Item No. 6225844
2 each/pack