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Ultrasonic baths

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At Buch & Holm you will find a wide range of ultrasonic baths and ultrasonic homogenisers from Bandelin and Elma.
The ultrasonic baths are available in sizes from 0.5 up to 250 litres with or without heating, cooling and shaking etc.
Ultrasonic baths can be used for cleaning sieves, instruments, glassware or for degassing samples in the lab and production.
There are many different accessories available for the baths to make it easier to clean exactly what you want. Here on our website you can find what you need for your application - and we have even more on the shelves.
Cleaning with an ultrasonic bath is very gentle on your parts and samples, and compared to other cleaning methods ultrasonic cleaning is both time- and cost-saving as well as environmentally friendly as it saves on detergents and other chemicals.
If you can't find what you're looking for, you're always welcome to contact us.

Bo Deckers Skibild
Product Manager
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