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Streamline multiparameter measurement with Buch & Holm's diverse array of products tailored to simplify your workflow. Explore our range, encompassing handheld and desktop devices equipped to measure various parameters with a single-channel or multi-channel instrument.
Discover handheld meters with or without internal data storage and desktop devices offering modular expansion options for conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and more. Simply pick your paramaters on the left.

To choose your external sensors, go to the specific area: pH electrodes, mV sensors (redox/ORP), conductivity cells, dissolved oxygen probes, and ion-specific electrodes (ISE).
Temperature is divided into temperature probes for e.g. pH meters, and separately an entire grouping for thermometers and their temperature probes.

Ensure seamless operations with quick delivery of instruments, consumables, and accessories from renowned suppliers like WTW, Mettler-Toledo, Eutech and Lovibond. Simplify your multiparameter measurement processes with our comprehensive range of products and accessories.
If you are interested in measuring single parameters, take a look at our measuring equipment landing page.

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