From PHCbi, formerly Panasonic / Sanyo, we offer equipment of the absolute highest quality. The program includes freezers at -40°C, -86°C and -150°C, refrigerators, growth chambers, CO2 incubators, mulitigas incubators, etc.

In 1977, PHCbi launches its first -86°C freezer and has since set the standard for precision. The freezers run stably every day, year after year. They are not the cheapest on the market, but the investment pays off quickly in saving on electricity and operating expenses. The freezers are tested and working according to all the existing rules, which makes a difference. They will therefore run smoothly for many years.

We are experts in the installation, repair and service of refrigeration systems and incubators, regardless of the size of the filling. We also have experience with building climate spaces of up to many thousands of cubic meters.

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