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Safety glasses/-visors


Safety glasses/-visors

Our goal at Buch & Holm is to prioritize your eye safety. We understand the importance of protecting your eyes from potential hazards in the workplace, whether it’s in the laboratory, workshop, or any other environment. That is why we only offer safety glasses and visors that meet the highest standards for protection and comfort and from recognized manufacturers such as 3M Deutschland, LLG Labware and Uvex.
In addition to our wide selection of styles and lens types, we also offer glasses with anti-fog coating and scratch-resistant technology to ensure clear vision and durability. We know that comfort is the key to wearing protective gear all day, and our eyewear is designed with this in mind. We offer OTG (Over The Glasses) glasses that allow users to wear personal glasses at the same time. Whether you work in the healthcare sector, construction, laboratories, or other industries, we have the perfect safety glasses for you. Look at our product range and let us help protect your eyes. 
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Theresa Løvig Mouritsen
Product Manager
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