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  • Medical Cannabis 4/2/2019
    On January 1st 2018 the four-year pilot programme with medicinal cannabis was introduced in Denmark. As a result, the Danish Medicines Agency is granting authorisations to produce cannabis intermediate products in accordance with section 9(1) of the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme.

  • Texture Analyzer 3/20/2019
    Brookfield’s latest CTX Texture Analyzer is a sophisticated instrument for tensile and pressure testing of a wide range of products for development and quality control. The application options are many and the instrument is very easy to operate.

  • SAVE 40-50% ON SELECTED PRODUCTS 11/29/2018
    Save 50% on Gram Bioplus ER930 refrigerators and 40% on BRAND starter set with 5 pipettes and carousel.
    Find the great offers via the below links

  • Save 35% on BRAND pipettes 10/10/2018
    The offer is valid until the 31st of March 2019.

    The transferpette® S pipettes from BRAND offer the perfect, manual pipette with central operating button. They are ergonomically designed and are operated with a loose and relaxed grip.
  • Your Lab is our Mission! 9/17/2018
    In the catalogue you will find a wide range of products which are typically applied in the daily laboratory work. The LLG Labware products are of good quality at favourable prices. Samples are sent free of charge.
  • Dyneo-serie DD 9/14/2018
    The new DYNEO series DD offer high performance and good quality together with a wide range of modern interface options. Easily operated via the large TFT colour display, with turn & push controller for the setting of the parameters, programming and functions of the device.
  • IKA RCT DIGITAL 5/16/2018
    The IKA Plate (RCT digital) improves over time with regular firmware updates. Using Alnico magnetic technology, the IKA Plate (RCT digital) achieves excellent temperature stability and high residual induction. It also provides for maximum vortex.  The integrated timer and counter function supports the control of kinetics and sensitive reactions; the IKA SmartTemp® function protects users intelligently and predictably.
  • Successful Cooperation 5/4/2018
    On May 2nd 2018 Buch & Holm became Premium Partner for Vacuubrand, the supplier with whom we have had the longest cooperation – dating back to 1949, which makes a total of 69 years.

  • Gold Award 12/5/2017
    Design award…
    Infors won the iF design award for their new, compact and user-friendly bioreactor. The work around Minifors 2 is simplified by a number of details - for instance the practical rack which makes it easy to move reactors, bottles and pumps. The bioreactor is easy to clean, even when operated.

  • TPP in our range (only sold in Denmark) 11/6/2017
    As of Monday, November 6 2017 the agency TPP Techno Plastic Products AG from Switzerland will pass to Buch & Holm. Our two companies have come to the conclusion that the programme of these quality plastic products for cell growth will have more synergy with the existing product range from Buch & Holm.
  • Swedish LabDays 6/22/2017
    Sveriges nye messe for laboratorieteknik
    LabDays i Danmark havde stor succes ved premieren i 2015. Derfor har J.B. Exhibitions nu arrangeret en tilsvarende messe i Stockholm, hvor Buch & Holm selvfølgelig også deltager. Vi vil bl.a. have fokus på god service, dialog og samarbejde.
  • LabDays in Aarhus 3/9/2017
    Buch & Holm will once again be participating in the exhibition LabDays in Århus. The exhibition will be held from Wednesday September 20th to Thursday September 21st 2017. LabDays was held for the first time in 2015 and the premiere was a success in every way. When it comes to the number of square meters the coming LabDays exhibition is already larger than the premiere in 2015.
  • 27 th Regional Congress of the ISBT 3/9/2017
    In odd years ISBT holds two regional conventions of which one is held in Europe. This year the convention will be held at Bella Center in Copenhagen from 17th to 21st of June 2017. The conference is arranged in cooperation with Danish specialists within the field.
  • The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science 3/7/2017
    Meet us at the exhibition “New Updates in drug formulation and Bioavailability” in Medicon Valley Alliance, Copenhagen on March 29 and at the exhibition ”The future of Swedish & Danish Life Science” in Medicon Village, Lund on March 30.
  • Superspeed- og ultracentrifuger fra Hitachi 1/16/2017
    Der er ikke mange, der forbinder Hitachi med centrifuger, men de startede med at producere tilbage i 1955. Siden 1990erne har de produceret Sorvall’s superspeed-centrifuge RC6+ samt deres ultracentrifuger, som stadig produceres den dag i dag.
  • Revolutionerende ny software 10/7/2016
    eve® is the new software for bioreactors and shakers from Infors HT. eve® replaces Iris and is a completely new concept, which is relevant for anybody working with bioreactors and cell growth – including third party equipment. The new software comes in modules, which means that you only need to buy the relevant modules. Basis is for monitoring and data-logging and eve® planning and monitoring module makes it possible to plan and carry out complex processes in a flexible manner.

  • Visit us at CPH LabMed 6/14/2016
    Once again Buch & Holm will be attending the biggest trade exhibition of the year for laboratory equipment. The exhibition focuses on Denmark’s leading laboratories within health care, the industry and education and research institutions. It takes place from September 27th to September 29th.
  • Danish Distributor of Milli-Q 11/13/2015
    We are pleased to announce that we have established a working relationship with Millipore Danmark and we are now selling their Milli-Q water purification systems. Milli-Q Advantage A10 is characterised by a minimal consumption of water filter cartridges and low operating costs. The systems are low-maintenance, leaving you time for doing what you do best!
  • Bioreactor with CIP & SIP function 9/25/2015
    As the only manufacturer in the world Infors HT now offers LabCIP which is an automatic system for cleaning and sterilisation of small bioreactors from 2 to 10 liters. LabCIP is a complete system for Infors bioreactor Labfors 5.
  • IKA Specials 9/3/2015
    Special offers on magnetic stirrers, propeller stirrers, homogenisers, rotation evaporators, block heaters, mini centrifuges, mills, etc. In cooperation with IKA we have put together different packages of equipment at attractive prices.
  • Wireless data loggers from JRI 4/7/2015
    Regardsless of your equipment we can monitor and log your data centrally. The alarms will be sent to you by email or as text messages in order for you to monitor your equipment continuously.
  • Tuttnauer D Line Autoclaves 2/25/2015
    We have the pleasure to present the new D line autoclaves from Tuttnauer. Watch our video in which we go through all of their functions.