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Safety cabinets

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At Buch & Holm we offer safety cabinets from Asecos for many different working and storage areas. Asecos excels in offering a diverse range of specialized safety cabinets tailored for various hazardous materials. The top-selling Q-CLASSICseries prioritizes secure storage for flammable liquids, featuring flame arresters and spill containment. 

The SL-CLASSIC series focuses on innovative storage solutions for aggressive chemicals, emphasizing safety and accessibility. Specifically designed for fireproof storage of chemicals under fume hoods or tables, the UB-S cabinets incorporate advanced ventilation systems, ensuring a safe storage environment. The K-UB series provide options for storage of flammables and chemicals in the same compact frame. The K-PHOENIX, a remarkable addition from Asecos' K-line, stands out as a versatile combined cabinet, addressing fireproofing and chemical storage needs comprehensively. The G-line cabinets address your need for storage of gas cylinders, with accessories such as loading ramp, straps, and mounting rack for e.g. manometers.

All these cabinets undergo rigorous testing, meeting stringent quality standards, assuring users of their reliability in safeguarding personnel and the environment from potential risks associated with hazardous materials. Contact us for further information or specialized setups. 

Kristoffer Laugesen
Product Manager
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