Service agreement - Bioreactors

Why is it important to maintain equipment?
To ensure the best possible results, we recommend ongoing maintenance and service. Equipment kept in operational condition usually has fewer breakdowns, which in the worst case can lead to operational losses. Maintenance also extends the life of the equipment and makes the investment more profitable.

Service agreement with one annual visit
The service agreement covers the entire fermentor / bioreactor. At the annual visit, our service technicians review the equipment from A-Z and ensure that temperature, pH, pO2 and other functions, such as pumps etc. complie with the specifications.
Our technicians are continuously trained by the manufacturer Infors; they have special tools, certified measuring equipment and access to original spare parts. Traceable certified measuring equipment is used to check parameters.

Benefits of having a service agreement:
• Ensures that the equipment always complies with the specifications
• Prevents downtime by identifying problems that may cause major malfunctions or safety issues
• Extends the life of the equipment
• Provides you with a documented service report