GRAM Bioline is a series of many different +4°C medicine refrigerators and -25°C/-40°C/-86°C cabinet freezers for the laboratory for storing biomaterial. The GRAM cabinets are Danish-made. GRAM Bioline is widely considered to be the standard solution for bio-storage, as there is no compromise on temperature accuracy, user-friendliness, operational reliability, environmental profile and price. You can safely trust that any product from the GRAM Bioline series meets current legal requirements and international standards. Together, they cover everything from critical storage of samples to all-round refrigerators and freezers.

The BASIS line consist of BioBasic and BioCompact II. These are mainly intended as storage cabinets with less than 15 door openings per. day. They are equipped with all basic functions such as LED display, fan, temperature alarms, potential-free relay for external monitoring and lead-through channel for external sensor. The BioCompact II cabinets are also equipped with an external sensor and door with self-closing function.

The PREMIUM line consist of BioMidi and BioPlus. In addition to all basic functions, these models have a more powerful cooling system, greater accuracy and live up to the strictest requirements for bio-storage. The BioPlus cabinets are also equipped with humidity control.

All cabinets except BioBasic can be tailored as needed f.ex. shelves/drawers/ baskets and glass door/wheels/door opening pedal etc. All refrigerators/freezers have a 5 year warranty except BioBasic, which have 2 years.

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