Service agreement - Centrifuges

Why is it important to maintain equipment?
To ensure the best possible results, we recommend ongoing maintenance and service. Equipment kept in operational condition usually has fewer breakdowns, which in the worst case can lead to operational losses. Maintenance also extends the life of the equipment and makes the investment more profitable.

Service agreement with one yearly visit 
The agreement includes the centrifuge and rotors. During the annual visit our technician will go over the centrifuge and ensure that temperature, speed, and other functions meet the specifications.

The statutory safety inspection
According to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s order on centrifuges no. 776 of 25th November 1991, all centrifuges used for professional use must be inspected at least once a year by an expert.

Benefits of having a service agreement:
• Ensures that the equipment meets the specifications
• Maintenance prolongs the life-time of the equipment
• Service report as documentation