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Erlenmeyer flasks, narrow neck, DURAN®

DURAN®. DIN ISO 1773. Narrow neck. With approximate graduations and beaded rim. Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these beakers ideal for heating applications. Erlenmeyer flasks are well suitable for mixing, because of their conical shape. Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP. Autoclavable. With Retrace Code (Batch Identification), certificate available via the Internet.
Capacity 25 ml
Base dia. 42 mm
Neck dia. 22 mm
Height 75 mm

Volume[ml] 25 ml
Diameter 42 mm
Height 75 mm
NeckType Narrow
Neck diameter 22 mm
Manufactor DURAN
UNSPSC Code 41121804 Laboratoriekolber
PK 1