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2in1-Refractometer-Polarimeter RePo-1,100ml beaker

Item No. 6286462

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo, RePo-1 Package
All-in-One refractometer and polarimeter hybrid unit. Only 3 ml sample is needed. With the press of a button, purity, international sugar scale, specific rotation and concentration can be displayed. Users can also set an upper and lower measurement limit. An indicator light alerts the user if a measurement value is within the limits.
Can measure both brix and optical rotation of the sample.

RePo-1 Package includes: Main unit, 100 ml beaker, 50 x Syringe Filters orange 45, 3 x 20 ml Syringes, 100 x Easy filter.

Type RePo-1 Package, For Sugar
Measurement range*
International Sugar Scale: -130 to +130°Z
Angle of Rotation: -5 to +5°
Brix (%): 0 to 85 %
Temperature: 15 to 40 °C
International Sugar Scale: 0.1°Z
Angle of Rotation: 0.01°
Temperature: 0.1 %
Brix (%): 0.1 °C
International Sugar Scale: ±3°Z
Angle of Rotation: ±0.1° (at 20 °C)
Brix (%): ±0.2 %
Temperature: ±1°C
Ambient Temperature: 15 to 40℃
Storage environment temperature: 0 to 65℃
Wavelength: 589 nm
Sample Volume: 3mL
Power supply: 4 x Size AAA alkaline battery
Dimensions: 101 x 160 x 38 mm
Weight: 325 g
Protection class: IP 67

*These ranges are measured by the device’s 20mm light path.

Manufactor Atago
UNSPSC Code 41115313 Håndholdte refraktometre eller polarimetre
PK 1